About me

Founder and Managing Partner of Rocket One Capital in this pivotal role, I orchestrate the strategic direction and operational excellence of the Firm and its investment portfolio.
My expertise spans financial technology, real estate, advertising technology, e-commerce, and manufacturing.

Prior to founding Rocket One Capital, I invested in, and scaled several renowned companies, culminating in successful public offerings. Notable ventures include a media empire established in 2001, an AdTech juggernaut specializing in retail environments, and a financial services powerhouse founded in 2007. Furthermore, my entrepreneurial prowess facilitated the sale of a merchant acquiring processing services firm to Elavon in 2013, a subsidiary of US Bancorp.

I’m Michael Shvartsman

Discover Michael Shvartsman, an expertised business executive and visionary leader in the venture capital space. As the Founder of Rocket One Capital, Michael Shvartsman has cultivated a robust portfolio of investments across technology, finance, and real estate sectors. His keen strategic insights and commitment to developing innovation have positioned Rocket One Capital as a trusted partner for startups and growth-stage companies. Michael Shvartsman’s efforts extend as well to supporting educational initiatives and community development projects that promote economic opportunity and social well-being. With a focus on ethical investing and impact-driven entrepreneurship, Michael exemplifies the intersection of business acumen and social responsibility.

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