In the world of investment and IT startups, not that many names resonate
as deeply as Michael Shvartsman’s. As the driving force behind Rocket
One Capital, Shvartsman has reshaped the investment landscape,
employing a foundation of integrity and innovation to propel his company to

Shvartsman’s path to becoming the Founder and Managing Partner of
Rocket One Capital is marked by fortitude and determination. Born in
Ukraine, he faced adversity from an early age, eventually fleeing his
homeland as a refugee in search of a brighter future. Despite the
challenges he encountered, Michael Shvartsman remained stable in his
wish of success.

Upon arriving in the United States, Michael Shvartsman started his journey
to self-discovery. Through unwavering dedication and tireless effort, he
honed his skills in the investment field, seizing opportunities where others
saw only obstacles. With a keen eye for innovation and a fearless approach
to risk-taking, Shvartsman navigated the complexities of the investment
world with unwavering confidence.

The establishment of Rocket One Capital marked a significant milestone in
Michael Shvartsman’s career, reflecting his vision for the future of
investing. With his leadership, Rocket One Capital has become a pioneer in
the field, celebrated for its innovative approaches and outstanding

Beyond his professional progress, Michael Shvartsman remains deeply
connected to his roots and committed to giving back to his community. As
an influential figure in the field, he recognizes the importance of using his
platform to advocate for social responsibility and ethical investing practices.

Despite the demands of his work, Shvartsman places great importance on
his role as a loving father and devoted family man. He understands the
significance of fostering strong family bonds and imparting core values to
his children, ensuring that they grow up with a sense of purpose and

In addition, Michael Shvartsman is actively involved in philanthropy,
supporting causes that align with his values and aspirations for a better future. His dedication to making a positive impact extends far beyond the
boardroom, touching the lives of countless individuals through his
charitable endeavors.

Michael Shvartsman’s journey from being a refugee to becoming the
Founder and Managing Partner of Rocket One Capital shows the power of
determination, honesty, and new ideas. It’s a story that inspires many
people to believe that with hard work and a clear goal, anyone can achieve

I’m Michael Shvartsman

Discover Michael Shvartsman, an expertised business executive and visionary leader in the venture capital space. As the Founder of Rocket One Capital, Michael Shvartsman has cultivated a robust portfolio of investments across technology, finance, and real estate sectors. His keen strategic insights and commitment to developing innovation have positioned Rocket One Capital as a trusted partner for startups and growth-stage companies. Michael Shvartsman’s efforts extend as well to supporting educational initiatives and community development projects that promote economic opportunity and social well-being. With a focus on ethical investing and impact-driven entrepreneurship, Michael exemplifies the intersection of business acumen and social responsibility.

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